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Super Nutty Muesli, Baobab and Tiger Nuts, 400g

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Introducing VUKA Super Nutty Muesli - a tantalising blend of nutrient-rich goodness that elevates your breakfast experience. Crafted with precision, our muesli combines toasted oats, a premium mix of nuts, and the robust essence of tiger nuts and baobab. 

Meticulously curated with top-tier ingredients, VUKA Super Nutty Muesli ensures a wholesome start to your day, packed with protein and free from added sugar and preservatives. Embrace a sustainable morning ritual with our eco-conscious product.

The name "VUKA" embodies awakening, representing the burst of nutrients and flavours that invigorate your well-being.  Drawing inspiration from authentic sources, our muesli offers a diverse palette of nutrients, with a focus on protein. Inspired by family traditions of embracing gut-loving powerhouse foods, VUKA Muesli reflects our commitment to well-being.

An antioxidant powerhouse, our Super Nutty Muesli not only delights your senses but also provides a protein-rich kick with every spoonful. Indulge in its deliciousness with yogurt, milk, and fresh berries for a satisfying breakfast experience.

Join us in infusing vitality into your mornings. Experience the awakening with VUKA Super Nutty Muesli – a celebration of flavour, protein, and sustainability. Your journey to a nourishing and delicious breakfast starts here.

ALLERGY ADVICE: Allergens including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in bold. May contain nuts, sesame, soya, gluten, and lupins

DIETARY ADVICE: Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. No artificial colours, flavourings, or preservatives. No palm oil. No GMO, No GM. No dairy.

WARNING: Children can choke on shells. Although every effort has been made to remove the shell, small fragments may remain.


AVERAGE VALUES                        PER 100g                       PER 45g SERVING                %*RI PER SERVING

Energy                                     1791J /427kcal                    806kJ /192kcal                                  10%

Fat:                                              14g                                       6.3g                                                9%

of which saturates                      2.1g                                      0.9g                                                5%

Carbohydrates:                            57g                                      26g                                               10%

of which sugars                          0.8g                                       0g                                                  0%

Fibre                                           8.7g                                      3.9g

Protein                                        14g                                      6.2g                                              13%

Salt                                               0g                                        0g                                                 0%

*RI = Reference Intake of an average adult (8400kJ/2000kcal)
Average 9 portions per pack

STORAGE: Store in a dry place, away from sunlight. Once open store upright and in an airtight container.

Made in Wrexham, Wales.